WaterResourceData.com provides secure web-based access to your surface water, groundwater, water quality, and climate datasets, professionally managed by Hatfield water resource specialists.

Aligned with Water Survey of Canada processes and systems
Securely managed
Online data analytics, visualization and analysis
Linked to your telemetry systems
Alerts and notifications
Inter-company data sharing
Compliance reporting
Integrated GIS web mapping system
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How it works
How WaterResourceData.com works for you

Surface water, groundwater, water quality, and meteorologic datasets professionally managed by Hatfield water resource specialists

Through WaterResourceData.com, all your surface water, groundwater, water quality, and meteorologic datasets are professionally managed by Hatfield's water resource specialists and made accessible to you at any time through the WaterResourceData.com website. By fully integrating with Hatfield's in-situ monitoring expertise, WaterResourceData.com provides an integrated solution to ensure compliance with your water resource monitoring goals.

Aligned with Water Survey of Canada (WSC) processes and systems

Hatfield follows standards set by Water Survey of Canada (WSC) for hydrometric data collection and analysis. WSC and Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) have conducted audits of Hatfield's data management procedures, ensuring high standards, continual QA/QC, and continual improvement of data quality. Hatfield uses the same software as the WSC (Aquatic Informatics' Aquarius) to store and analyze all hydrometric, water quality, and meteorologic data sets.

Securely managed

All systems and datasets are securely stored in our Canadian data center, with hourly offsite backups. Our data center is CSAE3416, SSAE16 & PCI/DSS certified and has system- and network-level intrusion detection systems.

Access to your data is strongly controlled, with granular access levels.

Online data analytics, visualization and analysis

WaterResourceData.com provides the flexibility to provide data analytics, visualization and customizable analysis on near-real-time data.

  • Stage-discharge relationships are developed by our hydrologists and provide provisional discharge where near-real-time water levels are available.
  • Water quality analytics compares lab-analyzed sampling data with guidelines, including complex calculations that include variable pH and hardness parameters.
  • Modeling processes such as runoff calculations or water balance computations derived from the most-recently available data are available.
  • WaterResourceData.com provides users with visual and textual identification of the ongoing QA/QC process conducted by Hatfield, with data flagging to provide users with up-to-date information to make informed decisions.

Linked to your telemetry systems

WaterResourceData.com can receive and integrate near-real-time data from a wide number of telemetry sources through Cellular, Satellite, Web Client, or manual uploads. Hatfield staff have the experience to integrate your data to our secure database and provide the support to help integrate near-realtime data flows.

Current telemetry options are as follows but can be expanded to include your datalogger network:

  • GOES satellites
  • Iridium satellites
  • Direct IP connection over cellular networks
  • Optimum Instruments cellular network
  • Your uploaded manual-measurement (e.g. data collected offline by field-crews)

Alerts and notifications

Customizable near-real-time alerts and notifications sent to email, smart phones, or pager alerts. Alerts can be set to provide information on:

  • when incoming data has reached a specified criteria or threshold
  • station function; and/or
  • customizable data analytics specified by you (e.g. critical limits or compliance monitoring criteria).

Inter-company data sharing

WaterResourceData.com provides a multi-user interface. This allows for efficient data sharing and reporting between clients, other companies, and regulators. All datasets are held in a strongly controlled environment with granular access levels, allowing only specified datasets to be shared.

Hatfield has extensive experience facilitating data sharing in large, complex inter-agency projects, and in setting up of automatic data transmission systems that use international standards (such as OGC's SOS and WaterML standards).

Compliance reporting

WaterResourceData.com can provide near-real-time compliance monitoring support by comparing metrics, (e.g. total suspended solids (TSS)), from multiple stations and trigger notifications in near-real-time if exceedances are measured.

For water quality datasets, automated reporting functions include comparing measurements to guidelines, including complex calculations that include variable pH and hardness parameters.

Integrated GIS web mapping system

WaterResourceData.com includes a GIS web-mapping system that shows the spatial context of your data. We use the enterprise edition of ESRI's ArcGIS Server, which allows integration with Hatfield's LandMonitoring.com and IceMonitoring.com online service, your GIS datasets, and high resolution satellite imagery.

Advantages of our GIS web-mapping system includes:

  • Provides access to custom geospatial layers and tools, allowing for the context of your data to be better understood
  • Provides integrated visualization of map polygon, point and raster datasets – including satellite imagery
  • Custom spatial analysis tools, including automated watershed delineation and stream-slope calculations based on DEM data

Currently managed on WaterResourceData.com:
  • Stations: Over 350
  • Data Series: Over 1,000
  • Data Series Duration: 1-20 years
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